Puns: A way to tickle your funny bones

In the mundane and monotonous lives of people, a break of a good joke or pun helps in cracking up a smile. Puns are another form of these jokes in which the similarity in pronunciation of certain words, is used in creating funny phrases. Some of these are very witty and are shared amongst friends and colleagues. Some really witty and great puns are discovered by following the link given below.

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There are many categories of puns, which a person can use according to the situation and his whims-

  • Sun puns- As the temperature going up life feels a little more suffocating and a need is felt to lighten things up a bit. The sun puns can come in handy for dealing with a situation like that following are the best sun puns you’ll ever come across-
  1. You will have to stay woke all night to find out where the sun went.
  2. The sun is loved because it is quite attractive.
  3. Guess who doesn’t need to go to college because of a thousand degrees- the sun.
  4. Guess the best screen to use in summer.Sunscreen.
  • Sea puns- Everyone loves the sea and there is nothing better than sharing a few laughs beside the sea with your pals. So let us delve in the sea of puns! –
  1. What you would need now is a fair amount of Vitamin Sea.
  2. Would like to sit by the sea? Shell yeah!
  3. It’s just me and all my beaches.
  4. Be careful lest you will get tide down!
  • Sheep puns- These animals do not just give you great wool. They can actually provide you with great puns as well. So here we go-
  1. What are the goals of the sheep? Wooling the world.
  2. Guess the sheep’s favourite singer. Off course Britney Shears.
  3. I saw a sheep at a baa-lerina dance once.
  4. Aren’t these puns ewe-some?

Not just these you can actually laugh at the puns, whichare based on mostly scary creatures. Click here to read puns

  • Shark Puns- The teeth of the shark are sharp. And so are it’s puns-
  1. The shark just got snappy. That is pretty jaw some!
  2. You should never ever de-bait with a shark son.
  3. What does a shark do in the morning? Rise and Tide.
  4. Surely, Jaw-va has to be the shark’s favourite drink.