Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Videos

Video marketing is one of the latest buzzwords in the marketing sector today. Textual content is important but visual communication is more gripping and engaging. No wonder, businesses are increasingly stressing on marketing videos to reach out to their audience. Are you too planning to create a video for your business for the first time? Now, it has been observed first-time business video makers are often vulnerable to certain common mistakes. You certainly don’t want that with your videos. Thus, the post below offers a brief on the top mistakes to avoid in your business video.

Too salesy

When you are aspiring to attract your target niche, you have to present something that caters to their interests. If you keep on blabbering about your brand only with little respect to your audience’s expectations or wants, your video will simply fall flat. Yes, of course, you will talk about your brand in the video but the ratio should be 90:10. It means 90% about solutions for your niche’s problems/interests and 10% about your brand.

Improper branding

Your business video is about taking your brand to your target group end of the day. But if you don’t highlight your branding in a prominent way, your name won’t be able to create a strong impression in the viewers’ minds. So, make sure to customize the video with the aura of your brand, its name, logo, slogan and website URL. The language and script should be able to reflect the ethos or mood of your brand properly. For example, say you run a fashion that mostly caters to the youth. In that case, the video should speak the language of the youth and carry a peppy youthful mood all through.

No SEO optimization

No matter how amazing your business video is, you cannot expect it to reach out to your audience if you don’t optimize it for the search engines. Yes, video SEO is extremely important especially in the contemporary cut-throat competition. Some of the major features of an optimized business video are engaging thumbnail, proper distribution of keywords in the script, precise titles & descriptions and so on.

Restricted video format

If your business video format is restricted to only a particular kind of operating system, you will miss out on a huge chunk of audience. Thus, you must convert the business video in a universally acceptable format which is compatible with all operating systems and all media devices, including mobile phones. But, how to change video format? Well, you will find video conversion programs today that will help you with easy video conversion. Movavi Video Converter is one of the most recommended names here. It assures lightning-fast conversion with no loss of video quality. Make sure your chosen converter is compatible with all kinds of media formats and mobile phone models.

Too lengthy

It’s a busy world today where people hardly have time to stand and stare. If your video runs up to 5 minutes, your audience will simply leave it mid-way. The ideal length of a smart business video is 1 minute to maximum 2 minutes. Make sure to convey the actual essence of our marketing message within the initial 15 seconds only.

Be careful, smart and strategic.