Some vital facts regarding cannabis use

Drug tests aren’t at all fun, and particularly when you happen to be a regular cannabis user. But, luckily, you can make use of some modest ways for flushing out marijuana from your system. After you smoke cannabis the blood levels of marijuana get intensified. After this, the molecule is broken down into different inactive metabolites, like tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid. However, both marijuana plus its metabolites can remain in your body after an extended use of cannabis, an important factor which turns it more likely to demonstrate on a drug examination at work. The marijuana metabolites come armed with a half-life of only a week with detectable levels lessening by 50% towards the end of this timeframe.

Hence, your body can be freed from hints of these metabolites within a month, when its consumption gets ceased. There are many factors which result in levels of higher marijuana metabolite accumulation within your body. So, you must keep these in your mind at the time of smoking cannabis when you confront the possibility of having a drug test. However, the most determining factor turns to be the amount of cannabis you smoke frequently. When you consume more cannabis, then more metabolites would knock around your body.

The effective methods

When you don’t know how to get THC out of your system fast then you can use the below-mentioned factors:

Stop smoking – When you get to know that you have got a drug test, then one of the most useful things that would help is ‘stop smoking’ instantly and don’t begin it again until you have gone through the test.

Dilute your urine – An optimistic reading in most of the tests is considered 50ng/ml of THC-COOH. Drinking lots of water prior to filling up your vial will help in diluting the urine sample and get metabolite levels lower to this threshold. Again, it is extremely important to pee 24-48 hours prior to the test.

Take zinc – Zinc acts in the form of a urinary adulterant and it can produce false results in a urine test and might also interfere with marijuana exposure in urine for a period of 12-18 hours.

Stall at times

Now, if you aren’t fully aware of all the effective methods of how to get THC out of your system fast then you can attempt to delay or reschedule your test. Remember, every extra day that you will provide yourself will augment the chances of passing your test unharmed. At times, even a day or a couple of days will make a remarkable difference. For example, according to one study, under the appropriate circumstances, some kinds of urine tests can provide ‘clean’ outcomes in a day or two post a marijuana use.