Count on Movavi Game Recorder to record your winning levels

Are you an avid gamer proud of your fantastic scores with the most complex games? That’s cool. Won’t you like to flaunt your gaming adventures before your buddies? Why not? Moreover, the recorded gaming videos will also be helpful to guide novice players about winning tips & strategies. And you have Movavi Game Recorder to help you here. The Movavi product will enable you to grab the gameplay video from your PC so that you can easily upload it on YouTube.

Movavi is one of the most renowned software developers and the its Game Recorder has received rave reviews from both experts and users.

Here is a brief on how you can use Movavi Game Recorder to record gameplay video from PC-

Install the Movavi software

You will start with downloading & installing the Movavi Game Recorder in your PC.

Set Capture settings

Go to Capture tab and turn on the Capture mode to Game mode. No gaming video is complete without the thrilling sounds that make the game even more realistic. Movavi Game Recorder will record the game audio by default.

Modify video parameters

Go to Video tab to set video resolution & quality. Click on Resolution & choose Original in case you want the recorded video in the actual resolution of the original game. But if you want to change the resolution, choose your preferred resolution from Frame rate section. Remember, higher frame rate will mean bigger file size. So, if the game is not a high definition game, go for lower frame rate.

Record your gameplay

Press on REC tab to start immediate recording. But you should press the button prior to running the game. Otherwise, you will simply start your game and look for the green DirectX caption on upper left side of your screen. Press F10 and the recording will start. You will have to click on the same button to end the recording. If you have to pause the recording for a while, press on F9. After recording, the footage will be automatically saved in MP4 format.

Major features of Movavi Game Recorder

  • Ability to record game videos from PC in full HD and up to 60 fps
  • Ability to add sound from speakers and microphone
  • Designed to add webcam footage in recorded video

Useful tips for users

  • Do you want to use your voiceover and face in the recorded video? Click on Microphone and Webcam options on the program window to enable the functions.
  • You can even save webcam footage and microphone output as different files. To do that, click on Settings and choose Capture separate streams. Then, move to Webcam button & adjust capture parameters.