Know the Health Issues Associated with Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone chemically prepared man made anabolic compound sold under varied branded names is well known for its beneficial qualities. Whether you like to increase your body’s weight, enhance your blood count, boost your body strength or prefer to raise your bone density, this drug will prove to be the best option to achieve the health enhancing benefits.

The highly popularly sold Anavar is one of the branded names of Oxandrolone. It is a favorite of steroid users and due to its effective beneficial features, it is rated as one of the safest drugs. It is a mild anabolic drug popularly used by athletes, fitness seekers and by seasonal users of steroid during the cutting cycles of steroid consumption.

The drug having the compound Oxandrolone, are advised to be used by women as well as novice users of drugs. As the drug has negligible effect on its consumer general health, the drug is even prescribed for individuals, who have recently gone through major surgery and have lost weight. To regain the body strength and enhance body weight the drug is prescribed for HIV AID patients too.

However, unfortunately due to multiple reasons, users of the steroid experience symptoms of health issues occurring after consuming the drug.

The health issues occur due to:

  • Inferior quality drugs: Often steroid buyers are duped by fake vendors. They sell the stacks consisting of substandard quality of steroid. Consumption of such steroids leads to various health issues.
  • Misusage of the doses of the drug: Due to ignorance or to get better results quickly, users of the drug take the dosage in larger proportions or continue the cycle for longer period of time than required. Every steroid need to be taken for few weeks in prescribed dosage. Otherwise, it may result in adverse effects of the drug.

The common kind of health issues reported are as follows –

  • Decrease in sperm production thereby reducing male fertility.
  • Aging symptoms.
  • Increase in body hair.
  • May experience irregular menstrual cycle.

If you experience any such ill effects, it will be advisable to contact experienced doctors. Before embarking on buying the steroid know the reliability of the seller as well try to know the right info of taking the dosage. An expert medical advisor, skilled dietician or your physical trainer will provide the needed information. You can even read the info posted on websites promoting the sales of effective useful steroids.