Eliminate stress with a ‘Worry Free’ kitchen worktop

Turning your home into a special place where you can live a long time is a daunting task. While you might want to get over with picking whatever is necessary, you cannot afford to be so hasty with life-affirming decisions. Ultimately, personality and taste matter a great deal when choosing kitchen worktops that will offer you a sense of comfort, add aesthetic value, and bring peace to your space.

Where to begin?

You have to select products that perfectly align with your requirements, which is not easily accomplished. Starting with the basics of home décor is always a great idea. For instance, if you have considered choosing natural stones, then you are already a step ahead in the game of furnishing your kitchen with style and efficiency.

The market is full of modern surfaces that are composed of outstanding materials like quartz and sintered surfaces. Dekton, Compac, Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, and Neolith imbibe an excellent quality of natural marble and granite.

Why have these products build-up such a solid reputation among architects, builders, and homeowners? Let us know more about all these well-named quartz surfaces and why they are a ‘worry-free’ alternative for your expanse.


This brand has been a part of numerous designs around the world, offering exclusive colour pallets and ultra-large slabs. It requires minimum efforts to clean or to maintain its shine. These fine properties protect it from germ proliferation in Dekton worktops sold in the U.K. One of the biggest advantages is that it does not require a finishing and resists, scratching, etching, UV Rays, etc.


Compac is a trusted name that makes an impactful statement by introducing high-quality of Compac worktops in the U.K. It is ideal for kitchens, because it offers superior resistance to heat and ease of cleaning.


One of the many advantages of Silestone kitchen worktops sold in the U.K., is the uniformity in appearance offered only by the purest quartz. Thanks to its fine synthetic composition, the material also offers UV protection. Furthermore, the colour diversity allows you to create different designs at your home and office alike.


Cambria worktops in the U.K., are supreme quartz bringing in abundant colours with the most varied veining and texture. Also, the availability of polished and semi-gloss finishes add extra authenticity and maintain the neat aesthetic of your product.


Caesarstone worktops in the U.K., are supplied by MKW Surfaces. These kitchen worktops personalise your project with a high-quality quartz. To remove stains, you would only need to use water and a neutral soap. Caesarstone assures endurance, thus making it a product to last an eternity.


Neolith leads the surface market with superior quality. Neolith worktops in the U.K., deliver resistance to scratching, humidity, heat, and staining. Neolith is a 100 percent sintered stone with lifetime durability. It is ultra hygienic and easily maintained. Another possibility is to apply it on flooring with extra large slabs or as façades.

Applying either one of these stones will accentuate your space.