What and how to pack for a day in waterpark?

Are you planning a trip to a water park? Well, I think, that’s the reason you are here! Beat the blazing heat by splashing in the water pools or test your courage by volunteering for scary slides.

Plan a trip with your friends or family members to a water park and spend your holiday with your loved ones. Planning means you need to keep the essentials in the bag before you arrive at the water park.

Here, we will discuss the procedure of packing a bag for a day in a water park. Check out these points to avoid any last minute complexities.

Determine the Do’s and Don’ts at the Water Park

Before you start planning for a day at thewater park, check out the rules and regulations of the water park. There must be some compulsory precautions that you must follow. This will help you in packing your bags efficiently. For example, you can learn whether food and beverages are allowed from outside or not.


Well, you may say this is obvious but it has to be mentioned! Pack swimwear in your bags for a relaxed and fun-filled leisure time at the water park. The choice of swimwear is your choice but you must ensure that it is in line with the recommendations of the water park authorities.

Moreover, avoid swimwear with buttons and zips. This may damage the water park equipment and more importantly, can be a cause of embarrassment in case of a mishap.

Clothing wear

As it’s a holiday, and you are spending time with your loved ones, wear clothes that are light and convenient. Avoid wearing jeans, leather shoes, or formals. But, at the end, it’s your choice.

Clothing wear may include shorts, track pants, t-shirts, sandos, spaghetti, and so on. The undergarmentis an integral part of your clothing wear, especially when you are going to a water park.

Keep an extra pair of undergarments in the bag that you will use at the end of the day at the water park.


Sandals, slippers, and sports shoes are the recommended options when you are going to the water park. Sandals and slippers are quite easy to put on and off. Sports shoes are recommended if there are other activities besides water activities. For example, if there are rock climbing and rappelling, you can pack sports shoes in your bags for the activity.

Recommended accessories

  • Sunglasses – Provisional but can be worth if it’s a sunny day
  • Towels – You can carry yours in the bag or use another’s if that’s not an issue!
  • Swim Goggles – In case you are an avid swimmer and a diver
  • Floating toys – In case you are going with children
  • Sunscreen – A must, and it should be at least SPF 30
  • Hygiene Care – Such as deodorant, soaps, shampoos, moisturizer, sanitizer, and others


  • Mobile – You can do without a mobile but ensure that you keep it safe during your time at the water park
  • Poly bags – These are recommended to keep your wet clothes
  • Bags – You can carry two types of bags – backpack and a beach bag. If you have an extended list of items, the backpack will be a suggested option. Check out backpacks of reputed brands at online stores such as Bewakoof, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, and others. However, if you have few belongings, you can carry a beach bag. Nevertheless, both the bags will be suitable for the occasion