Your Weekly Routine with Your Favorite Furry Buddy

Most of us have a heart for animals. This is why many have pets in their homes. The most common pet owned at home are dogs. As much as you enjoy their company, dogs also need your love and attention. Amidst your busy schedule, you should allot some time to spend time with your furry buddy. Before you make your schedule, you need to understand the basic activities in a dog’s life.

Firstly, dogs like to play. Play time for your dog helps both his mental and physical health become more well-rounded. It provides plenty of stimulation and like human babies; it helps them learn things fasters. You play with them buying them a toy to fetch, jog around the village, bring them to your beach outing or hiking trip. This will also give them a sense of trust in you. Some may find it time-consuming; this is when doggie daycare or pet sitters become useful.

They can walk you dog during the day; then, you may play with your dog with some indoor activities when you come home from work. In China, though they have a controversy of selling dog meat Yulin a lot of other cities have a special love for dogs. They love to bring their dogs out walk such as that in Jiangsu where they have a large area for the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.

When a dog is alone, they usually just sleep at home when and where it is convenient for them. However, they shouldn’t be alone for too long because it introduces depression and may, sometimes, cause them to have no appetite. Estimated sleeping hours of dogs depend on the breed, but on an average, they sleep approximately 16 to 18 hours a day. This only applies to dogs living at home as a pet since dogs that work for a living like a search rescue dogs sleep less due to the demands of duty. Compare to humans, they sleep longer but they wake up much more frequently in the middle of their sleep. It depends on the activity of their environment; if they see a more playful environment such a park then they tend to be more active than sleepy.

To keep your dog healthy, always provide a clean source of water especially if you live in a tropical country. Keep your dog hydrated always to maintain the equilibrium in its systems. The type of food they eat will also affect their health. You may consult your vet as to which type of dog food suits the breed of your dog. Since they have a small stomach, dogs generally eat once or twice a day. In contrary, small breed tends to have more appetite than big dogs. Monitor their bowel movement every so often. It normally defecates at least every 8 hours. Vets normally ask you regarding their bowel movement when they get sick. An irregular bowel movement usually leads to illness to can cause fever.

The environment where it lives it influences the all-around health of the dog. Thick coated dogs such as Huskies need to be placed in a cool environment. Active dogs such as beagles need to have a big place to move around. Dogs can also have mood swings. When Chow Chow feels hot, they tend to not listen to you and just sit there until they feel a little more comfortable.

Once you have all the information needed to the breed of your dog, you can now allow the perfect schedule for your dog. You can exercise and go for a quick jog in the morning. Then, have breakfast together before showering and heading to work. Having a pet can fix your schedule and discipline yourself to living a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t have the budget to leave your dog with a pet sitter, make sure you leave enough water and food so he could just go there when we want to drink or eat. You can train him with the newspaper trick for potty training but make sure you clean it up once you get once so that the smell won’t spread all over your home. When you arrive home, give at least 3-5 mins. to pet him and reaffirm your affection.