6 must have features of a good water softener

Water Softeners have become a necessity with rising salt based impurities in the water that is supplied to our household. If you want to get rid of all kinds of deposits that keep happening in your tubes, showers, and sinks, then you should definitely purchase a good water softener. While buying a water softener, don’t get overwhelmed with the various market choices in front of you. Go for the best water softener that is equipped with the following must-have features, as these are the only important ones that are needed to ensure effective water softening:

  1. Automatic Technology for Regeneration:

Almost all water softeners provide a simple valve or knob which can be used to switch the regeneration process on but that is a tedious task if you had to do it every time you needed fresh soft water for usage. Therefore, go for a water softener that employs automation to the highest level. These automatic softeners have simple microprocessor controlled methods to convert hard water into soft water as soon as it flows through it. You won’t have to worry about switching the regeneration process on.

  1. 5 Stage Regeneration Process:

Another requirement of a good water softener is a proper regeneration process. This regeneration process takes place in a controlled method by the automatic controller. The five stages are normal regeneration, backwash technique, recharging the water, flushing hard minerals, and finally refilling the water with soft minerals. There is no manual intervention needed as all of this is automatic. There is no technical knowledge needed either as nothing extra needs to be set up for this to work.

  1. The Regeneration is Time Based:

Water softeners should have an inbuilt micro controller that checks the time and day. You can pre-set the day and time when you want the regeneration process to begin as per the day and time new water is supplied to your household. This way you are assured of a continuous non-stop soft water supply and you won’t need to wait for the process to complete to get good quality soft water.

  1. Ion-Exchange Softening Technology:

Water should be softened by using the Ion-Exchange Softening technology. This technology ensures that hard salts are completely removed. The technology works on a simple principle of lowering resins containing sodium salts into the hard water which attracts the hard magnesium and calcium salts and soft sodium takes their place to make soft water salts. The calcium and magnesium salts are then removed from the water. This way your water is soft and the quality of water is also enhanced as the water becomes more soluble.

  1. LCD Control Panel:

You obviously want to keep a check on your latest purchase, therefore having a monitor panel is really important. This panel also provides timely assistance and useful information to the user. It also allows the user to change the settings of the softener if required. All this flexibility would be there if you purchase a water softener with an LCD control panel.

  1. Output Capacity:

If you are looking for a water softener for an entire household, you obviously need the softener to produce a lot of soft water after regeneration. Therefore, you should always check for the output that the softener provides after every regeneration cycle. Depending on the requirement, the OBR (Output between Regeneration) should be minimum 150-200 Litres for a small water softener and 3000 Litres for a large one.

The features mentioned above are a must have for a good water softener that is worth the money you put into it. Therefore, always look for the above features for your water softener.