Why You Should Never Let Ticks and Fleas Live in Your Yard

The world is full of bloodsucking parasites, such as fleas and ticks. They’re a natural part of the environment, but it’s still vital to keep them out of your yard. They can cause a startling number of medical problems in both people and their pets, some of which can even prove to be fatal. Fortunately, modern tick and flea control techniques are excellent and solving the problem.

Spreading Disease

Ticks and fleas are dangerous because they spread disease when they feed. When they get hungry, they drink blood from whatever host they can find, usually either a wild animal, a pet, or a human. That blood often includes some infectious bacteria, which turns the parasite into a vector of infection. Whenever it feeds from a new host, that host will get exposed to all of the bacteria that the parasite is carrying. That makes them one of the most common ways for diseases to pass from wild animals to humans.

Some diseases are more common than others. Fleas that lived on rats were responsible for spreading the Black Death during the medieval period. Most of the diseases that fleas and ticks carry are not quite so bad as that, but they are still dangerous. Lyme disease is one of the most common problems that can come from ticks, and if left untreated, it can cause fevers, heart problems, joint pain, and even facial paralysis. Fortunately, modern medicine can treat the disease, but it is still best to prevent it from ever developing in the first place.

Danger to Pets

Tick and flea control is even more important for households that have pets. The parasites are likely to latch on to the animals when they go outside, especially if they walk through tall grass or through other areas that offer cover from the bugs. Since they can hide in the animal’s hair, it is much harder to detect them on an animal than it is when they latch onto a human.

That’s a significant problem because pets are vulnerable to most of the same diseases as humans, so the bugs are just as dangerous to them as they are to their owners. Pets are also one of the most common ways for the bugs to sneak into a house, which allows them to move on to human hosts.

Fixing the Problem

The good news is that getting rid of these bugs and the risk that they pose to humans and their pets is fairly easy. Pest control experts have several methods are their disposal which can eliminate most of the population, including ones that have gone unnoticed. They also stop the parasites from reproducing, so they can keep a home safe for quite a long time.