4 Tactics that Can Reduce the Asking Price of Used Cars

Are you planning to buy a pre-owned car? Do you feel that the price for used Hyundai Santro Xing in Bangalore is a little on the higher side and can be reduced a bit more? Here are some tactics that you can use to get the seller or dealer to reduce the asking price.

Do Not Bargain

A lot of buyers engage in negotiations with the sellers or dealers to reduce the price. Instead, a good tactic would be to tell that you will sign the deal as soon as they agree to your price point. Tell them you would not like to negotiate and just leave. If your asking price is justified, then they would call you.

Follow Up at Closing Hours

You can call up the dealer say an hour before they close for the weekend. If the salesperson has had a tough week, chances are that your offer may lure him to close one more deal just before the week ends.

Follow Up Just Before Month Ends

Another tactic is to follow up on the last day of the month. A hard core sales person would find it difficult to find the temptation to close that one more deal just before the accounts are closed for the month. In an attempt to do this, they would agree to your offer.

Know the Car’s True Value

You cannot argue with a dealer or a seller without really knowing the correct valuation. You can check the valuation of used cars using online resources. You should also check the price of a new car of the same brand and model. If the difference between the two prices is not a lot, then you have a strong point to argue with the dealer.