Is it safe for women to use steroids? Know more here

It is said that anabolic steroidal products are exclusively designed for men since they have high level of androgenecity and immense anabolic properties supporting muscle growth and development. Therefore, when it comes down to using steroidal products by women, the entire scenario becomes a bit tricky. You then got to be very choosy about what you opt for and thus there becomes restrictions in the option range. You should not look for steroidal products that can cause extreme hormonal changes in the body that may result in male like characteristics including deepening of voice, appearance of facial hair, and greater testosterone production than estrogen. This condition happens when there is a lack of testosterone converting enzymes but higher amount of estrogen converting enzymes. By this way, more and more of estrogen gets converted into testosterone by different aromatizing enzymes and you start developing men-like features. Therefore if you see a male professional body builder or weight lifter, do not compare your dosage cycle with that of the experienced user since his dose strengths will be much higher according to his physical needs, whereas your needs as a first time user will not be the same.

How adversely does steroidal products affect your body?

Anabolic medications are synthetically developed to mimic the characteristic features of the naturally produced primary male sex hormone called testosterone. But these steroidal products are created irrespective of the fact of who uses it, whether the user is a male or a female. Therefore these dietary supplementation products that are here to burn fat and get cut are a kind of risky options for female users. If these products are meant to deal with the functioning of testosterone in the body to bring about the desired changes, then it is obviously not a favourable choice for women. The female body will not be able to resist the higher production level of testosterone due to stimulatory influence by anabolic steroidal products, and thus will come across serious health threats.

As per the instructions on safety by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, anabolic medications have the potential to cause the following serious side effects:

  1. Liver damage
  2. Kidney failure
  3. Acne (sometimes severe)
  4. Aggressiveness and disturbed mental states
  5. Tendency to heart attacks and strokes
  6. Elevated blood pressure level

What are the behavioural changes that can be observed in female steroid users?

Along with mental and physical changes in the body due to misuse or abuse of anabolic medications, there are risks of being affected by emotional and psychological changes as well. This often results in certain alterations in the behaviour and attitude of the user such as:

  1. Frequent mood swings
  2. Hypnosis
  3. Hypomanic- a condition resulting in manic-depressive behavioural cycle
  4. Psychosis
  5. Apathy
  6. Depression anxiety
  7. Nervousness and nausea

If you wish to avoid these medical problems, you can go for mild acting steroidal products like Anavar which is used to burn fat and get cut at a rapid rate.