What’s the Cheapest Way to Buy Travel Insurance if Somebody in Your Group Has a Medical Condition?

When the kids are off school and you have a nice bit of cash saved in the bank, you might decide that you’d like to take the whole family on a travelling adventure. Some families only require a week or two away in a sunny country during the summer to unwind and destress from work, but other people like to take a full month off work and take the family to many different countries. Of course, travelling to a number of countries can be an expensive endeavour, but it’s money spent wisely when you consider how beneficial it will be for both you and the kids. Children can gain an understanding of the world by being introduced to new cultures from a young age, and the excitement of seeing new global hotspots never gets old regardless of how old you are.

However, while travelling can be incredibly exciting, it can also be very stressful, and it’s well worth planning out every aspect of your trip when the whole family is involved. Of course, if you travel alone, simply going with the flow can be a part of the magic, but you don’t want to be left stranded or without anywhere to stay when you have kids or seniors to take care of. In addition to actually planning out which destinations to visit and how you’ll get to them, you need to think of the finer details before you depart, and the last thing you want to do is forget to purchase travel insurance for the whole family. Unfortunately, if a member of your family is over 65 or has a pre-existing medical condition, you might need to pay more than you’d really like for a good insurance premium.

Insurance companies need to make a profit, and that means they need to charge more than usual for people who are statistically more likely to make a claim than others. Some insurance companies refuse to cover people with medical conditions or who are over the age of 65 while others charge extremely high prices hoping that you’ll assume you have no choice but to pay. However, because most people who travel with a medical condition still usually don’t need to make a claim – even if they’re statistically more likely to do so than people with a clean bill of health – many insurance companies specialise in providing insurance for those over the age of 65 or who have health conditions ranging from asthma to cancer.

Needless to say, you’ll want to find the best cover possible for a competitive price, and that means you might need to search through endless companies to find an insurance package you can trust. Alternatively, if you want to make finding travel insurance that covers medical conditions easy, you could head to a comparison website that allows you to fill out one form and subsequently compare insurance packages and quotes within a matter of seconds. Keep reading below for some top tips on how to insure the whole family as cheaply as possible.

Finding the Best Way to Insure the Whole Family

When it comes to travelling with the whole family, you need to make sure each and every person is covered for any situation, whether it’s lost baggage or an unfortunate accident that requires medical attention. However, as mentioned above, you might struggle to find an affordable deal if you’re travelling with somebody who already has a medical condition or is over the age of 65. Here are some options you might need to consider when searching for travel insurance deals:

  • Insure all travellers on individual packages – The first thing you might think to do when searching for insurance packages is find deals on an individual basis for everybody who will accompany you on your trip. However, this way of finding insurance can be tedious and drawn-out, and it’s highly unlikely to be the cheapest way of finding a good deal. You’ll have to fill out numerous forms and compare quotes and package details for each individual person, so if you want to make life easier, you might consider insuring everybody under one package.
  • Find decent group insurance deals – Instead of searching tirelessly for individual insurance packages, you could simply look for group insurance deals that mean you’ll only need to make one payment to make sure everybody is covered. This will not only save you time with regards to comparing deals, but it will also likely be a much cheaper way to insure everybody you’re travelling with when compared to purchasing individual packages. However, you should be aware that group packages are often based on the oldest traveller, so this may not be the best way to keep costs down if you’re travelling with somebody over the age of 65.
  • Insure everybody under one group package except the person who has a medical condition or is aged 65 or above – You might find the cheapest way to insure the whole family is to get a separate policy for the person with a medical condition or who is aged over 65 by using a comparison site. Better still, you can use a comparison site that has forged strong partnerships with companies that specialise in providing insurance for people in their senior years and people with medical conditions. By viewing quotes and packages on one easy-to-navigate page, you’ll soon see that premiums aren’t always as high as you might have once expected.

Don’t Pay More than Necessary for Travel Insurance

Let’s face it, you’re not going to let the fact that somebody in your family has reached their senior years or has a pre-existing medical condition ruin your travel plans, but you don’t have to simply accept an expensive insurance premium when you could find a great deal by using a comparison website. As long as you remember to compare deals in the ways listed above, you’ll be able to get the whole family covered in no time for an affordable price.