Are You Frustrated with Your TV Reception?

Maybe you have just moved into a new home or a new rental and you are finding that your TV reception is on the fritz. You might even have walked around the house to check to see if you have an antenna sitting on the roof! If you are frustrated with your TV reception, you may need more than good fortune to solve it!

The Digital Freeze

All modern TVs now connect to digital TV. Indeed, the Australian government switched off the analogue signals some years ago. The problem is that plenty of people are still using old TV antennas from the old days when analogue reigned supreme. This can cause some pretty ghastly reception problems! If you experience any of the following, you might need a new TV antenna installed:

  • Freezing: Digital broadcasts are very different from analogue broadcasts. One of the most noticeable differences is when there is poor TV reception. With an analogue signal, we would enjoy a visual feast of snow on our TV screens, but a poor digital signal often freezes and becomes blocky in appearance.
  • Drop-Outs: When a digital signal drops out, the entire screen goes black. This is especially annoying when you are trying desperately to watch your favourite TV program.
  • No TV Channels: The tuners in digital TV ready devices need to be tuned to all of the available digital channels. If there is poor reception, some digital TV stations maybe not even be picked up and programmed!

Getting Out the Antenna People

If you are not picking up all of the digital TV stations that you expect, or you are experiencing drop-outs and freezing, you may need to get out an expert to check our cables and your antenna. While it is not always the case that an old antenna is the issue, the size, shape, and type of antenna can certainly make a difference when it comes to picking up the optimal digital TV signal.

Of course, companies experienced in digital TV are not just about installing new antennas and checking cables. The best ones also perform the following services:

  • TV Points: In this day and age it is certainly not uncommon to have several TVs in the same home. In a case like this, it is necessary to have extra TV points in the wall installed and hooked up the appropriate antenna in order to receive the best digital TV signal.
  • Wall Mounts: A wall mounted TV is not just for bars and pubs anymore. The cost of big screen TV units has reduced to the point that just about any family can afford them. With multiple TVs in a single home, it is a good idea to look into TV wall mounting. This not only looks great and impresses visitors, but also clears space in a room.

We now live in a largely digital world, but this also means that we sometimes need an expert to solve our digital problems. Whether you need your antenna checked, your TV cabling rewired, or your TV wall mounted, call your nearest antenna people for a chat!