Artificial Turf Is More Sophisticated than Ever

Companies offer many different types of artificial turf, and many of them have not performed as well as advertised. For example, the artificial turf of the 1990s did not provide quality play. Specific injuries are also associated with this kind of turf. Inferior types of turf pose problems, because they did not actually appreciate the unique aspects of grass.

The old types of turf typically resembled carpets and consisted of synthetic material that manufacturers painted green. This is not how grass works. Grass is not a single sheet, so your artificial turf should not be either.

A lawn is individual blades of grass that grow closely together in dirt. Synthetic cricket pitches in Sydney need to closely mimic the qualities of a natural lawn.

Synthetic Pitches

The best synthetic pitches are made from individual blades of a synthetic material and closely resemble the texture of grass. The material also needs to be lightweight, flexible, and durable. Individual blades of grass are lightweight enough to float on a gentle breeze, which makes the grass soft enough to play a cricket match. The other element is the soil.

The soil itself must be a certain density for the grass to perform properly. Professional should pack it well and create a firm floor, so the players can move easily and the cricket ball can bounce properly. For activities such as bowling, the soil’s surface should be tight and secure to give the ball a good bounce. However, it also should be loose enough to form a soft surface for running and sliding.

Loose soil is also responsible for the best bowls. Curving the ball is only effective if the surface of the soil is soft enough to change the trajectory of the ball. Synthetic pitches must mimic each of these factors.

How the Process Works

Several artificial pitches use a synthetic material to imitate individual blades of grass. Then, tiny bits of rubber are spread throughout the pitch to mimic the soil. The bits of rubber offer the resistance that you need for running, jumping, and sliding. The rubber also responds to the spin of the cricket ball.

You need to consider a few important details before choosing a synthetic turf. For example, you must only invest in the best synthetic turf manufacturers. As stated earlier, several inferior types of turf are not as effective. In many cases, they can actually be dangerous.

You want to play sports, such as cricket, on the best field. Only the best manufacturers provide the most effective and reliable results.

 How to Maintain Synthetic Lawns

Furthermore, synthetic turf requires little maintenance. Though you do not have to water the grass as much, you must water it. The rubber pellets tend to absorb heat faster than natural soil. Therefore, on a hot day, they can become hot.

If you water them lightly, you can effectively lower the temperature. You do not have to do anything except occasionally water and rake the grass to redistribute rubber. They are low maintenance cricket pitches.