Permeable pavements

In today’s world, you are around pavements every day, whether it be a road or a side walk, pavements are part of everyday life. Though with all this exposure to pavements, there really is only two that are ever seen. Which are Concrete and asphalt. Being a staple of urban construction and social planning, it can easily be seen as the best method, if you have never been introduced to any other options. With Concrete and asphalt costing so much and the negative environmental side effects, new alternatives have begun to surface, permeable pavements for example is one of those new methods. Providing a whole new look at the paving world, with some added benefits that you would not expect to find.

Starting off, let’s explain what makes this method so different and desirable. Unlike Concrete or asphalt, permeable pavements do not use a rock based mixture that is spread over the ground. Permeable pavements start their life in a factory. Large plastic sheets are made to be the base of the pavement. Each sheet comprises of small cylinder shaped cups that are connected. This base offers a support system that can house cheaper materials and fillers. Things like grass, gravel and dirt if desired. What makes it truly stand out is its ability to allow water to pass through it, instead of pooling at the top. Same goes with heat absorption, keeping it cool throughout the long summer months. Besides the obvious benefit of not having a hot pavement on your hands, there are many benefits of this method that offer people much more than traditional options. Let’s talk about its durability for one. The base plastic sheets have the ability to with stand up to 6800psi before adding any fillers, which can only be strengthened when added. It has a life expectancy of at least 20 years and sometimes up to 60 depending on the use. Because water passes through it, you don’t have to worry about potholes or erosion over time. In fact, you don’t have any maintenance over the years further cutting any type of cost.

The price of this method is considerably cheaper than Concrete or asphalt. Cutting up half of the total cost. This includes labor and materials, coupled with the no maintenance, leaves you with a very cost cutting way to pay. Its installation even matches the price, when comparing it to time to install. You can have your new pavement done in half the time, with have the personal and equipment. Which is perfect if you need it done fast.

There are multiple applications that this method of pavement can accomplish. It’s versatility in its design allows for most things that can be accomplished by traditional means. What I mean is, permeable pavements can be used for parking lots, walk ways and patios, if one desires. There is very little that this method cannot accomplish and for cheaper too. So, if you are looking for a new way to solve your pavement needs, check out permeable pavements.