How to Retouch a Photo with Movavi Photo Editor

Many people like to use their smartphone cameras to take selfie photos and upload to their social media accounts to share with their friends. If you want to impress people with your photo, you must first edit away all the blemishes on your face. Most people don’t have a perfect face as there will be blemishes like blackheads, pimples, or freckles. If you don’t want people to see these blemishes on your face, you can use a photo editor software like Movavi Photo Editor to remove them. Movavi Photo Editor has a special tool called Retouching that is used specifically for removing flaws on the face. You will find tools for fixing flaws on the facial skin, eyes, and mouth in the Retouching tab.

The Blemish Removal tool under Skin is useful for removing skin blemishes like wrinkles, and eye bags instantly without the need of using a brush tool to mark them in beforehand. As you paint the area of the face that you want to fix, you can see the changes take effect in real time. If there are a lot of blemishes you want to remove, you can use the object removal tool in the Object Removal tab instead. In the Object Removal tab, you will find the red brush tool that you can use to mark multiple blemishes that you want to get rid on your photo and click the Start Erasing button to erase all of them at one time.

Many people encounter red eye issues in their selfie photos. The red eye can easily be removed by using the red eye tool in the Retouching tab of the photo retouching software . You just have to color the red dots in the eye with the circular red eye removal brush tool and they will instantly disappear. You will also find a variety of makeup tools that you can use to apply some makeup on your face. The blush tool can change the overall tone of your facial skin color. For example, you can use the blush tool to make your face appear to have a fairer skin.

The teeth whitening tool is useful when the photo shows you smiling but your teeth look stained with yellow color. Showing off white teeth in the photo is important in a profile photo that you want to use afor your company. You can use the teeth whitening brush to paint over the stained area in the teeth so that they appear whiter.

You can go to the Adjust tab to enhance your photo after removing blemishes from your photo. As you adjust the sliders, you will find that there are some changes on the coloration tone in the photo. You can move the slider to the right or left as much as you want until the photo is improved up to your desired standard. To revert the changes you make with the coloration adjustment tools, you can press the reset button. When you are satisfied with the changes on the photo, you can press the Save as button to save it on your computer.