Finding The Right Self-Storage Service – Check These Tips!

Self-storage services are quite popular among home owners and businesses alike. These are companies that have units (also known as containers in some areas), which are offered to clients against a monthly fee. There can be many reasons to choose such services. In this post, we will talk about the essential needs for self storage and factors that matter in choosing the right service.

Why use self-storage?

Many people opt for these services just for the sake of organizing their homes. If you are shifting between cities frequently for varied needs, it makes sense to keep the valuables in a secure place. Also, these services are handy when one is moving from a bigger home to a smaller one. Apart from reducing clutter in the house, these companies are also valuable for ensuring safety. It makes sense to keep appliances, cars, and other stuff like furniture with such services, instead of trusting friends or hiring an extra property. For businesses, storage units Austell are great for keep the files, valuables and other things that aren’t needed on a regular basis.


How to choose a service?

Before you look for self-storage facilities in your area, do estimate your storage requirements. You can start by labeling the items you want to keep. This may include some of the bigger things, like a car, electronic appliances and furniture. On the other hand, you may have delicate goods that may need extra care for handling and shifting. Knowing the goods and space requirements will help in deciding on the unit. Most services have standard sizes of units, and the cost is dependent on this very aspect.

Here are some of the other things that matter.

  1. You don’t want to choose a service that doesn’t spend enough on security. Check their premises in person if they have enough staffs and employees and whether they have installed CCTV cameras and other systems to keep thefts at bay.


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  1. That’s an important factor. Many self-storage services often tend to lose out on upkeep and maintenance, which isn’t the idea way to do business. Since people are storing goods, they would be interested in knowing if the space is cleaned well and whether enough care is being taken for pests and rodents.
  1. We have talked of pricing before, but keep in mind that you can seek a discount. Yes, if you are using a service for more than a year, you may qualify for special offers. There’s no harm in taking a chance, especially while booking new services.
  1. How does the company deal with damages? Do they have adequate policies to deal with theft? If yes, the service should be willing to discuss this in detail. Make sure that their customer support is worth relying.


  1. As a customer, it would be better if the company is flexible with their working hours and allows more easy access to the units, as and when required. These details will be mentioned in the contract, so make sure to read the same.

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