Myths about the Gastric Band Dispelled

The lap band is a relatively new type of gastric surgery. Scientists know that the procedure is safe and effective, but the general public is still not quite aware of what the procedure is and how it works. As a result of this, there are now a number of misconceptions and myths about the procedure that need to be addressed.

Myth 1 – The Procedure Is Dangerous

All surgical procedures have risks associated with them. However, the lap band is one of the safest out there, with very few complication rates. This is due to the fact that very little of the body’s internal orangs is altered. Furthermore, the procedure is generally completed laparoscopically, which further reduces complication rates. Furthermore, remember that the chance of complications with NOT fitting a lap band is far greater.

Myth 2 – Having a Lap Band Means You Cannot Get Pregnant

Women often avoid weight loss surgery because they believe they will never be able to have children again. The fact is that the lap band is the only type of gastric surgery whereby getting pregnant is possible and safe. This is because the band is adjustable, which means it can be loosened to make space for the baby and ensure a woman can consume sufficient nutrients.

Myth 3 – A Lap Band Reduces Quality of Life More Than the Gastric Bypass

There have been many studies to demonstrate that the quality of life of patients after a lap band is exactly the same as any other gastric surgery. Some studies have even shown their quality of life is better because there are fewer side effects, including dumping syndrome. Furthermore, quality of life will always be improved compared to that of someone who remains obese.

Myth 4 – Lap Bands Do Not Solve Comorbidity Issues

Most people who are obese also have comorbidity issues such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apneas, and more. These conditions generally improve if someone loses weight, which means that they also improve following a lap band. In fact, research has demonstrated that:

  • Asthma is improved in 60% of cases.
  • Asthma is resolved in 35% of cases.
  • Type 2 diabetes is reversed in 65% of cases.
  • Sleep apneas are resolved in 95% of cases.

Myth 5 – The Lap Band Is not for the Super Obese

Super obese people have a BMI of 50 or more, and they must lose weight very rapidly. While the lap band is sometimes a bit slower, the fact that it has far fewer complication rates makes it the perfect solution for the super obese.

As you can see, the lap band is one of the safest procedures available today for people who need to lose weight for their personal health and wellbeing. So much so, in fact, that is now the most commonly performed procedure, and the one that is being improved on the most. Some surgeons are now able to complete the procedure laparoscopically making just two, instead of five, incisions.