Health and Safety Benefits of an Awning

An awning over a patio is often thought of as a comfort issue as awnings help reduce the temperature on very hot days and block the blinding sunlight. During the winter, they can help trap the heat from outdoor heaters and provide you with a place to escape precipitation. Rain rolls off the top of a good awning, keeping you and your guests dry. They obviously are known for these factors because they are what many people first think of. A great awning will keep you comfortable even when the weather changes. However, they also offer many health and safety benefits that should not be ignored. For monetary as well as medical reasons, an awning can be a great choice for a home or business.

Monetary Reasons

The monetary savings from an awning can be considerable depending on your circumstances. For example, if you have a large window or a glass sliding door, a lot of heat can transfer through that glass. Heat comes through the glass and is also transferred by the amount of sunlight that your window or door permits. That sunlight comes into your home and heats up the air. That can raise the temperature in your home by several degrees on a sunny day. If you install an awning over your patio that covers the door or window, it can cast shade onto the window. That shade can reduce your cooling costs considerably. The reduced cooling costs come in the form of reducing the amount of sunlight. If you can save several dollars on cooling every month, your awning will pay for itself in no time. You’ll even make a profit after a few months. Furthermore, you can save money by making it more comfortable to keep your curtains open.

If you can keep your curtains open without risking the heat and sunlight that comes with summer temperatures, you will be able to keep your artificial lights turned off for longer. Keeping your artificial lights off will save you money on your energy costs as well. The savings are fairly considerable. The awning will also allow you to keep your windows open while it is raining on a summer day. That can help cool down your house without turning on the air conditioner. Without folding arm awnings in Melbourne, you are at the mercy of the weather.

Medical Reasons

The medical benefits of an awning are fairly straightforward. The UV rays from the sun raise the risk of skin disease. If you sit outside in the sun for too long, you might get sunburned. This is uncomfortable but it heals. However, the damage that the sun does to your skin could be irreversible. The best way to avoid the pain of sunburn and skin diseases is to reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays. If you don’t want to apply sunblock every time you want to spend time on your patio, you should install an awning. An awning will block the overwhelming majority of UV rays so that you can enjoy yourself without risking your health.