Must have T-shirts for Men

Men love fashion just like women do, but they love to stay that comfortable in what they wear.  Jeans and t-shirts create the best casual look for men for all kind of occasions. There are different kinds of t-shirts that can be paired with different legwear and other ensemble. Tees made out of soft materials which makes them comfortable and light on the body and so preferred all the year round. There are short and fitted as well as long t shirts with different neck cuts and designs available in different stores.

Some popular styles of t-shirts

Men usually buy round necked tees of single color or with stripes commonly. Collared t-shirts are also preferred by many men all around the world. But T-shirts are available in different styles and color. There are full-sleeves t-shirts, long t shirts and scoop neck tees etc. to choose from. The list of style of tees is very long out of which some are must haves for the wardrobes.

  • V-necked t-shirt is one item every man must have in their closet. One thing that sets this t-shirt apart from others it that it can help create both causal as well as formal look. Fitted ones can be ideal for those who want to boast their biceps and toned abs.
  • Polo t-shirts are one of the most popular one for many. It is very versatile and can be paired with lot of options to create great looks. You can hang out with friends or play golf or go movies wearing these tees. These can be ideal for men with lean body for fuller body feel.
  • Hooded t-shirts can create fashion statements because of the stylish look they give. It can be great for all kinds of seasons.
  • Crew neck t-shirts are very casual in appearance and look good on men with small chest. These are ideal for great evening get-togethers.
  • Scoop neck or u-neck t-shirts are for those who want to show their skin. Plain or stripped ones are the best picks.
  • Solid t-shirts or plain tees can never go wrong for creating any kind of look for any occasions. It is possible to mix and match with such kind of t-shirts because of the single color.
  • Stripped t-shirts are the ultimate choices for many men. Horizontal and vertical stripes in different neck styles like round or v-necked can be ideal for any kind of occasion like movies, dinner or shopping.
  • Graphic t-shirts are the love for many young men. One can keep atleast one t-shirt with graphic print in the closet. Pair the tee with simple jeans and sneakers and you are ready for party, college festival or any other event.