Do Not Forget the Portable Toilets for Your Next Planned Function

When you are planning an event or party, you can easily forget to hire the bathroom facilities or toilets. Needless to say, these kinds of items are usually not considered when you are planning the decorations and catering. However, you can easily hire portable bathrooms and toilets by reviewing your options online. For example, when making plans for this type of hire, you can use an online planning calculator.

Use a Planning Calculator for Your Event

Typically, you must indicate which type of event or celebration you are holding. Parties or events are categorised as general admission, corporate, or a private. Next, you need to insert the location, number of attendees, and the time frame for the event.

For instance, if you are holding a general event for 1,500 people, and it is going to last for six hours, the professionals recommend a unisex facility, each with 16 toilet pans. Sixteen hand basins, small mirrors, and lighting are also included with this type of toilet hire.

Related Accessory Items

When you review the choices for portable toilet hire in Adelaide, you will find a variety of selections from which to choose. Not only does the company offer an array of toilet facilities, a portable bathroom and toilet hire company also supplies other related accessories, including hand-wash stations, hydration stations, catering sinks, and water tanks. Temporary fencing is provided as well.

Because most local councils require free drinking water at an event, hydration stations provide more ideal services than bottled water. Hydration stations are featured in jumbo sizes (40 taps) or mini sizes (14 taps).

Other features include spring-loaded drinking taps with spring-loaded bottle filters and a body made of stainless steel. Drainage points are linked to a main discharge line. The station, which also features four stabilising legs, does not need power to operate. You can hook the fountains to either a town’s water supply or to remote tanks.

Portable Shower Facilities

Portable shower facilities can also be used for certain events, such as festivals that include glamping or luxury camping. Showers for these kinds of festivities feature a contemporary design, large wall mirror, and a double basin and vanity. Typically, six showers are featured in a single shower block, and each cubicle houses one stall. A changing area and luggage hooks are included as well.

 Furthermore, all showers include a splashback made of acrylic and quality fittings. The flexible design also features internal and external lighting to illuminate the area and prevent an accident.  Showers can be configured for male and female use or for one-gender use.

Normally, shower blocks featuring six showers have a tank capacity of 2,000 litres and operate on 15 amps of power. The bathroom hire company does not supply the power leads.

Needless to say, you can plan for an event or party with more organised efficiency, once you make plans for a portable bathroom, toilet, or hydration station hire. Therefore, you should look online today to review the offerings.