Using the Right Air Compressor for Your Next Project

Air compressors are commonly used in many industrial, engineering, and construction applications. Wherever air under high pressure is required to drive a machine, tool, or other equipment, an air compressor unit is essential. The compressed air acts as a driving force that allows the use of machinery such as jackhammers, for example. In this context, most building sites have a number of portable air compressor units that are accessible.

Why Use a Rotary Screw Air Compressor?

Air compressor technology has been around for decades now, but until recently, reciprocating compressor units were the most commonly used type. One of the biggest problems with this type of unit is the fact that flow surges can occur which affect the performance of the attached machine or other device. What has been happening in recent years is the appearance of rotary screw air compressors. They provide the following benefits:

  • Maintenance: Given the importance of air compressors generally, it is important to ensure that they are serviced and otherwise well-maintained. Rotary screw compressors in Sydney offer an ease of maintenance that outstrips older air compressor technology. In fact, the simplicity of maintenance is much preferred in these units, which is one of the major reasons why they are becoming far more common in engineering, manufacturing, construction, and industrial applications across the world.
  • Noise: As one would expect, air compressors are typically loud. On an active worksite, this can be a health and safety risk, which is why most workers wear appropriate ear coverings when using them. One of the biggest advantages of rotary screw compressor technology is that they are not as noisy as their compressor cousins. This makes them ideal in conditions where the health and safety of employees is of primary concern.
  • Flow: Rotary screw air compressors perform better in use than other types of units. The compressed air is delivered with a greatly decreased amount of flow surges, which means that the attached equipment benefits from a more efficient flow of air. This has an impact on work productivity.
  • Vibrations: It is common for air compressors to be placed on dampening supports so as to reduce both noise and vibration. The fact that rotary screw air compressors are run more smoothly means that they exhibit less movement and vibration while in use.
  • Portability: The superior technology used in rotary screw air compressors means that they are also much lighter than their older counterparts. This translates to higher levels of portability, which is ideal on active worksites and in locations where the units are shared.
  • Control panel: The best models also feature an intuitive control panel that allows for quick operation.

Making the Right Choice

The simple fact is that rotary screw compressors are the ideal choice in many industries for a variety of reasons. Their simple operation and ease of maintenance makes them a good choice in harsh and busy environments where high usage is expected, and their more efficient airflow design makes for excellent productivity gains.