The Spiritual Side of Health – Exercise

Becoming what God created you to definitely certainly be!

Spiritual Facets of Exercise

Romans 12:1–And therefore, dear brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters, I plead together with you to definitely provide your physiques to God because of all he’s for you. Permit them to be described as a living and holy sacrifice–the kind he’ll find acceptable. Normally, this is the technique to worship him.

I Corinthians 6:19-20–Don’t it might be obvious that physiques would be the temple in the Holy Spirit, who resides in your soul

also it was presented to you by God? You do not participate in yourself, for God bought

you getting a higher cost. And that means you must recognition God along with your body.

a. Recognize that you might want His help.

b. Use God for strength, for motivation, accountability, guidance, consistency.

c. Be obedient.

d. Keep motives/perspective God-adoring.

e. Pray for support team.

Physical Facets of Exercise

Hebrews 12:11–For now, no discipline brings pleasure, but seems grievous or painful but afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to people who had been trained due to it [a harvest of fruit which consists in righteousness—in conformity to God’s will in purpose, thought, and action, resulting in right living and right standing with God.]

I. Improve functional strength for day to day living-Focus on core strength actions

II. Improve lung capacity and heart strength through cardiovascular training

III. Improve flexibility, mobility

IV. Practice relaxation and self-massage


1. How would you apply the thought of exercise in order to worship and recognition God? How can this idea affect your perspective and motivation in working out?

2. Exactly what are ways a perspective and motives God-adoring? How do your opinions easily become changed?

3. Exactly what are ways you’ll incorporate the spiritual element of exercise for your physical routine? How does one make use of the physical element of exercise for your spiritual routine?


Improve your focus from working out on your own good and health, compared to that of worshipping God. Consider how that changes the intensity and motivation behind your day-to-day workout programs.

Particularly pray for God’s submit your regular workout right before working out. (ex. Pray He will help you keep a Godly perspective, motivation, etc.)

Set a person goal let’s focus on exercising. Record everything you can do every single day inside your planner and hold yourself accountable to help keep while growing your spiritual and physical endurance.

Mantra for Week:

Purchase the Master whatever you do, along with your plans will succeed. Psalm 16:3

Workout for Week–

Complete 72 hours each week:

10 Runs

10 Push-Ups (at wall, floor, or on knees)

10 Sit-Ups (on ball, moored foot)

10 Tricep muscles muscles Dips

10 Squats

Choose to complete the entire report on exercises as much occasions as you possibly can without stopping for a quarter-hour….or complete this list of exercises 3 occasions through without stopping. Record round the fitForum the amount of occasions you survive this list, or how extended it needed you to definitely certainly complete the 3 sets.